Web Development

Web Development: If your website is outdated, difficult to update or frustrating for users and administrators, it is hurting your company’s bottomline. WMK Soft Solutions is a website design and development firm that strives to understand your business processes and goals so we can help you succeed with an easy to use, engaging website. From discovery to deployment and beyond, we remain your partner to ensure the best possible experience to your visitors.

With WMK Soft Solutions, you get access to expert development staff highly skilled in the following platforms::
• Drupal
• WordPress
• Magento

Android Development

Android: WMK Soft Solutions expertise in Android helps you to: Improve the applications’ performance by using JAVA in heavy reckoning and high-performance applications with interactive graphics that envision large amounts of data. Make use of the JAVA libraries with regard to image processing or other computation. Integrate 3rd party libraries & services i.e. for mapping, or medical and other mapping devices that get input from active sensors. Employ Android as a prototyping platform for a specific use (embedded or industrial embedded). We are skilled in creating heavy computation and high-performance applications which visualize (with interactive graphics) large amounts of continuously processed data. We also have in-depth knowledge of how to improve applications that utilize JAVA libraries for image processing or other computations that benefit from a full-featured JAVA framework.

SEO Development

SEO: There is an ethical approach to engaging and managing an SEO campaign “Black Hat” SEO techniques such as hidden text, cloaking, paid links, content scraping and doorway pages are no longer tolerated and are strictly enforced as they are against Googles Webmaster Guidelines. These tactics will often lead a site to be penalised by search engines and can even cause websites to be removed from the index for extended periods of time. We focus our efforts on the following core principles:
• An ethical approach to SEO Optimization
• A proper site structure that is pro-motive to search engine indexing and crawling
• Strong, relevant content that is frequently updated and enhanced
• A comprehensive and targeted link building campaign

UI/UX Designers

UI/UX: Functionality is only one piece of the software development puzzle. Businesses and organisations need a welcoming and engaging user experience to ensure that the functionality they offer is clearly and simply placed in front of their audience. WMK’s UX/UI designers and engineers use their deep knowledge and market-tested understanding of user interface design techniques to deliver an experience that keeps customers coming back.
We find that a UX/UI design approach built around a well-researched and documented customer journey can help businesses uncover new markets and capture new opportunities. A relatable customer experience gives businesses the power to differentiate their products, gain competitive advantage and become more profitable. When users enjoy a product, others naturally gravitate to it, resulting in higher revenues.

DOT NET Development

DOT NET: Our exceptional team of developers and programmers is made up of individuals excited about the remarkable capabilities of the .NET Framework. They main focus is to explore and exploit other aspects of the platform to help our clients provide their customers with innovative, inspiring services and unparalleled user experiences.

We fulfil your unique requirements through a remarkable degree of customisation that allows you to truly own, and be proud of, your online presence.

IOS Development

IOS: WMK Soft Solutions offers extensive global development success on the iOS platform with strong expertise in both Swift and Objective C for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.
We have a team of experienced iOS software engineers that has been working in Swift since the day it was released. Our primary focus is building iOS apps in Swift and we love nothing more than designing a good, solid foundation for an app and then building it up based on user needs and feedback.

We craft elegant solutions
with powerful technologies
and solid strategies.

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